Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Wishlist - How to utilize it?

The Wishlist is currently being monitored by us. This is how it works:

If there is an item on our site that is not currently in-stock, you should first click on the item to view it, click "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock". Once you do this, "Add to Wishlist"; click that link.

We will know you want that item in-stock and before we place our next order with our supplier, we'll add it to the order. When the item comes back in stock, you will receive e-mail notification. We can not guarantee an item or estimate when it will be in stock, as we do not get this information from our supplier.

Can you still use the Wishlist for the comments functionality?
By all means, yes. The only time we would add an item to "get in stock" would be if the item is out of stock. If you add an item to your Wishlist even thou it is currently in stock, that's ok too. The comments functionality there might be useful to associate a customer name to the item for example. Occasionally, we may call or email you regarding an item in your Wishlist; to ask for verification. We also see the comments you add to each item in the Wishlist too.


Pricing - USD or CDN ?

All pricing on the website is Based in US Dollars, The system calculates the current exchange rate and displays prices in CDN funds accordingly.

You have the option to have the US prices displayed but orders are taken in CDN funds.


How do I contact you?

At the bottom of every page, you can access the Contact Us form or you can call  us directly at (250) 924-4755   between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM on weekdays. If we don't answer, please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP. We're out flying and crashing on the weekends.




 We accept most common forms of payment but our preferred method is EMT (Very easy and simple if you do online banking)

Heres How...

To pay for your purchase using an Email money transfer:

Step 1
Place your order online and choose EMT for payment method

Step 2
Do not submit payment until you receive an INVOICE with the final total in your e-mail.  

Step 3
Reference your Web Order Number with your payment.
Send your EMT to

Step 4 You will receive a tracking number when item ships



I want to order a product, but it is out of stock

When you view a product that is out of stock, there is a link above the product that will subscribe you to that particular product. This means that when it is back in-stock, you will receive notification via e-mail. You can then order the item. We are now monitoring item subscriptions so if you are subscribed to the product, we will order it for you.



If I add an item to my cart, does this guarantee I will get it when I place my order ?

No. Items are only guaranteed once you PLACE the order. If someone else buys up the last of an item that was low in stock before you finalize your order, you may not get your item because it will then be out of stock.


How do I unsubscribe from product notifications ?

When you receive a notification about a product that is back in-stock via e-mail, at the bottom of the e-mail you will see options to unsubscribe from that particular product notification or all product notifications.